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AACR Releases Its Sixth Annual Report

The AACR Cancer Progress Report 2016 compiles the year's developments in cancer research, focusing on advancements in immunotherapy and the need for continued bipartisan support for cancer discovery.
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Research Update

Cancer Today's Editor-In-Chief William G. Nelson, MD, PhD, talks about apps that may enhance the doctor's physical exam, human papillomavirus vaccines in kids and new research findings for breast cancer.

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Learning Emotional Judo

Psychiatrist Andrew Roth advises "emotional judo" for prostate cancer patients.

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The Art of Giving

Give the gift of music to young cancer patients.

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Weakening the Grip of Survivor Guilt

Embrace being a cancer survivor and learn to set aside your guilt.

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Cancer Progress Report

Download the newly released AACR Cancer Progress Report 2016, which is published annually by the American Association for Cancer Research and tracks recent developments that impact cancer care.